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About me

Outside I thrive.


May it be in the mountains around my home in Åre or elsewhere. Although I love to shoot my friends in action in the great outdoors, the time of trying to capture as many action shots as possible is long gone. Today, what really motivates me is telling stories in both stills and words. 


I see myself as a creative mind. New ideas constantly flood my brain. It's that inner drive to discover new places and to engage with new inspiring individuals, earning their trust in order to open up to me, that pushes me beyond boundaries.

I don't have sponsorship deals supporting me. Everything I do is completely financed out of my own pocket. What makes me stand out from others is that I've learned to be highly effective under pressure, when time and money is scarce. And I don't give up before reaching my goal. 

I'm open to like minded creatives that are willing to share their ideas and maybe together work towards a new and exciting project.  


"Capturing moments that speak to your imagination..."


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